Ephemera under the magnifying glass

Almost the same picture, a tree, but two different printingtechniques. To be sure which technique, you need to see the original.

About the treesymbol: The king, Gustav III, is dead. The Tree of Life is broken. The potency is gone. Our collegue Dag Hermfelt noticed that the sun shines on a new twig. That is a symbol for the successor, the new king Gustav IV Adolf.

Have a look in: Graphics Atlas.

In June, I and my colleague Carina Broman took a very interesting and instructive course about ephemera material at the Institut d’Histoire du Livrein Lyon, France. The course was arranged by enssib. It was about how the prints was printed long time a go. We used magnifying glass and tried to learn to identifie the various techniques. Techniques such as: woodcut and woodengraving, intaglio like engraving and etching, planographic like direct and transfer lithography, and photographic process. And a lot of combination. It was very complicated and magnificent!

The course was held by the skilled and experienced Michael Twyman. He is professor emeritus at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at The University of Reading.

In Lyon there is a  museum about printing: Musée de l’Imprimerie.

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