Calle Jularbo – an accordion player

Calle Jularbo began to play accordion when he was 5 years old – 1898. In this photo he was 17 and wearing his medals.

Calle Jularbo was a very famous accordion player. You can see him here on the front page, when he celebrated his 50 jubilee as a beloved musican in Stockholm 1948.

In our collection you find the concert program at: Program. Music. Concert givers.

Maybe it is mostly old people who listen to accordion today in Sweden, because they remember the old days. They think it’s sprightly and swinging music. They say: ”Accordion music is rarely played on the radio nowadays”. The majority wants to listen to pop music or classical music. A common opinion is to say that it’s simple and non academic music. Maybe it is due to the fact that Calle Jularbo’s people were travellers. And also because blue collar workers and farmers played accordion long time ago.

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En kommentar till Calle Jularbo – an accordion player

  1. Kenneth Olsson skriver:

    Ja det är nog så att Jularbos musik numera är bannlyst på Sveriges Radio. Han är ju trots allt den största spelmannen vi haft i Sverige, och det skulle ju inte skada med lite mångfald i musikproducenternas tondöva öron, som motvikt till mittfårans skvalmusik.