Eat chocolate, be a Nobel prize winner

I blogged in my last post about the Nobel banquet. Continuing on the Nobel theme, I recently came across some articles on the internet extolling the virtues of chocolate consumption in relation to Nobel prize winners, citing the bizarre research in the New England Journal of Medicine. Nature has also jumped on the bandwagon and charted the chocolate habits of Nobel prize winners.


Kexchoklad. Source: Cloetta image bank

So here’s a tribute to chocolate and specifically, Cloetta in Sweden. The reason why I chose Cloetta is because I’m rather partial to kexchoklad. This is similar to the Kit Kat candy bar with crispy wafers covered in chocolate. Kexchoklad was first produced by Cloetta in 1938 but has its origin from 1921 by a different name, ”Five o’clock wafer chocolate”.  Kexchoklad has become a favorite with Swedes since then.


Below are several price lists from Cloetta from the late 1800’s. If only the cost of chocolate was the same today.


Price list from 1892.


Interesting broschyr on the meaning and use of chocolate as a food, 1874.


Pris list from 1892.


Pris list from 1892. It’s interesting to note that the prices have been reduced in the new list.



















The above materials can be found in the section: Affärstryck 1800-talet and is available for loan.

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