Vardagstryck – everyday pressure

Vardagstryck can be translated into English as everyday print or everyday pressure. I prefer the latter! Hubby likes to joke about the name every time I bring up work, which is daily. (I guess he has to amuse himself while I regale him with tales of misfortune and joy in my new section.)

I must admit that I had no idea of what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this gig! I was welcomed to the new section by a colleague with the words, ”Welcome to the real thing!” And it guess it is – the real thing that is! If an alien were to come to Earth and visit this place then it would get a complete picture of life in Sweden as it happens. This is where the national heritage is. Forget about books, maps, and other printed materials. Ephemera is the only true cultural heritage (please don’t shoot me for this statement) as it reflects everyday life.

Ephemera, for those not in the know, comes from the Greek word ephemeron and means ”not meant to last a day”, refers to transitory print according to Wikipedia. This could be anything from adverts, pamphlets, posters, or anything that is less than 16 pages (in-house rule).

Below is a selection of ephemera from around 100 years ago. As you can see, the material is wide-ranging and it can take a lot of patience and a bit of detective work to find these prints. Therefore the expression everyday pressure is indeed very apt! 😉

Bogelund-Jensen_1914 Bondetåget_1914Teaterafton_1914 SwedishWoman_1911 Baltic_1914

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