Dream interpretation

dreambookMy colleague Tuula blogged about the section Magic over a year ago but I thought that I’d revisit this section and focus on dream books.

We all have dreams and nightmares and sometimes, it’d be nice to be able to interpret what our brains are trying to tell us. Of course, this isn’t scientifically proven so don’t take it too seriously!

I’m about to embark on an adventure in a couple of months and I guess my brain is trying to work out the kinks, hence the weird and unusual dreams I’ve had lately! Here are a few things I was able to glean from the dream book.

Dreams / interpretations

Eating an apple / to love without hope
Collecting herbs / reward for diligence
Seeing dead mice / good tidings

Hmmm, none of the interpretations apply but I’ll take the last one!


To borrow this dream book, go to the section: Magi (br.), Spåd, Drömb.

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