Smörgåsbord / smorgasbord with ephemera

vardagstryck vardagsryyck_utvalda

We have many items in our collection. I have spent time to choose material. One advantage when you work much in the stack underground is that you will see much, if you are curious. And have good eyes.

smallprintscollection smallprints

You have to open the boxes and look inside them. Use creativity, work very hard and try to remember what you have learned at university if you want to select broschures which tells something about for example modernity.

ephemera_chosen  ephemera

Some are splendid graphic design, some are fun, some are exemples of what people often request and some are forgotten. I like to do connections between old and new material. To show exemples from the small prints collection that tells something about electricity, communications like train and the telephone and why not about dirt and dust. We take refrigerators for granted and fresh air as ventilation. The pencil is still a very useful invention and somewhere at the smorgasbord, it is advertising from a very famous maker.

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