What’s on the Nobel banquet?

It’s unfortunate that Alice Munro, this year’s Nobel prize winner in Literature couldn’t come to Sweden to receive her prize and attend the banquet. For more on her, see my post. To see what she’ll be missing, read on.

The menus below are from 2003 (for earlier menus, see my colleague Gönül’s post), the latest we have in our collection but you get the basic idea. There are two menus, one for students and the other for guests.

Banketten_1 Banketten_2 Studentmeny_1 Studentmeny_2

Note that the food menus were the same for both categories of guests but the drinks differed considerably. Is it because students are not known for their appreciation of finer wines and spirits?

So what does it take to prepare such a banquet for almost 1400 persons? First of all, there is great mystery surrounding the menu and it’s not revealed until the day of the event, namely the 10th of December.  But before that, a lot of preparation is involved and tastings to be served to the Nobel Committee four times before the menu is approved. This occurs in the fall. A staff of around 200 also has to been trained and loads of other logistics to be considered. For more details, please consult The Nobel banquet : a century of culinary history (1901-2001) by Ulrica Söderlind.

If you’re interested in sampling the Nobel menus from past years, contact Stadshuskällaren.

The menus can be found in the section: Bf, Nobelstiftelsen 2001-2010.

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